Private Messages, Moderator Reviews and Encryption

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Private Messages, Moderator Reviews and Encryption

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Private Messages
VoA has a PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM) option available to all. To use it to send a pm to another member, click on that member's name and you will be taken to that person's profile. In the profile is an option to send a PM to that member. Click on that and you will be sent into the PM subsystem to compose, review, and send your PM. You are allowed to send a PM to anyone who has not chosen the option to turn off PMs.

NOTE: PM's ARE NOT TOTALLY PRIVATE! Members cannot see what any PM says unless they are either the sender or recipient. HOWEVER, VOA STAFF CAN SEE WHAT IS IN THE PM SYSTEM. You must abide by the board rules when passing PMs. You cannot send links to sites containing ANY NUDITY including a single visible nipple, or any other site that may be deemed pornographic by U.S. or Canadian law. Any such violations will be dealt with by reprimand, temporary bans, or permanent ban from the VoA sites including Alicepix! Make sure that you review the VoA Board Rules if you have any questions regarding PM rules, as the Board Rules are the same. You may also PM or IM a member of the Staff if you aren't sure of the legitimacy of any PM! We are here to help you stay within the rules in order to guarantee the long-term existence of this board.

This board is here for your benefit. It's to give you a place to talk freely about what is important to you, but it will only survive provided it's members stay within the rules set up by the Administration. If you have any input regarding the Board Rules, always feel free to contact a Staff member, and we will bring your Question, Comment, or Concern to the rest of the Administration Staff for discussion. Who knows, you may have seen something work better on another board. Let us know so that we can make this place as enjoyable

Moderator Reviews
There will be occasions in which a Moderator sees a post or thread in which there is a question as to it violating the rules of VoA. In cases like that, the Moderator will "flag" the post or thread and make it so the general membership cannot see it. The only members who will be able to see it are the members of the Moderation Staff. The Moderator who "flags" any post or thread will PM the member to advise them that there MAY be a problem with their posting, and that it is under "Moderator Review". If it is your posting that is in question, DO NOT REPOST IT! You will be notified of any decision made by the Moderation Team. If you choose to repost it before any decision is made, you are subject to either a warning or a temporary ban.

The reason that we put anything under review is to protect VoA and her members. A lot of the times that something is put under review, the Moderators will either give it a clean bill of health, or suggest minor edits. If any editing is needed, we will normally try to work with the poster to make a proper edit. We will then return it to public view, and the Moderator may even post in it in order to bump it as to not take away from the post or thread while the Moderators had it under review. If the post or topic is in clear violation of VoA rules, it will be permanently removed from VoA! To repost anything that is in violation of VoA rules a second time will subject you to a temporary ban.

We in the VoA Staff want to keep VoA alive and well so that we will stay here for you to come to. Our rules are designed to give VoA and her members the maximum amount of protection. So if and when you are informed by any member of the Moderation Staff that a post or thread is up for review, please honor that. If you feel that any Moderator on VoA is treating you or any post you have made in an unfair manner, then PM any Administrator and voice your opinion. Even if you have a complaint about another Administrator, PM another one. We want the membership to feel comfortable being here and posting here. But please, abide by any decisions made. This will help keep VoA healthy, and make her a comfortable place for you to come and discuss your feelings on Girl Love!

Rules regarding encryption
We will strictly enforce that ALL posts and private messages MUST BE IN PLAINTEXT English. We will not allow ANY encrypted text (including PGP, or any other encryption software), cyphers, or any other methods of hiding text including steganography.

Any use of the above methods will result in an immediate and permanent ban to the sender, and if the recipient knew of the intent of the sender to send the message, they will be banned also. The staff has methods of detecting steganography in pictures, and encrypted text is generally easy to spot.

The reasoning behind this rule is to protect our member base. You may want encryption for your home based computer, but using this site to transmit encrypted messages could put us all in harms way. If you would like to communicate privately using encrypted text, or other methods, you are free to do so, but you must do so away from this board.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter

The VoA_Staff

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