Merry Christmas VoA members!

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Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by starlet_Luver »

Merry X-mas VoA

We would like to say "Merry Christmas" to each and every one of you. We know this year a lot of us did not have much to be merry about with the Corona virus keeping us away from our loved ones, and a lot of political upheaval (that is still going on sadly). But we think that we have a lot of things to be blessed with in our lives with still having the chance to hear and see (via technology) our love ones.
It is this same technology that allow us (VoA members family) to stay connected with each other and to share in our lives together.
That is what we think we should all be thankful for and we should celebrate.

So VoA (Staff) wanted to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with gifts to our membership. Below are the things the VoA staff has put together for you:

This year we decided to do something different then the usual sharing of the many older X-mas banners our staff has created over the years and instead decided to have a Christmas banner contest where the members could participate in.
We've had several members join in on this contest and they created some amazing Christmas banners for the VoA forum. I want to thank those members for sharing their magical work with us. Our thanx goes out to LanasGirl, Rba, Human, The Raven and doodah. In fact, we've had so many good banners to choose from that we ended up changing the rules somewhat so instead of having to pick one winner of the contest we decided to pick the 3 best banners from the list and rotate between them during the holidays.

The top 3 winning banners of the Christmas banner contest 2020 are:

Doodah-Human VoA banner 2.jpg
LanasGirl VoA banner 1.jpg
TheRaven VoA banner 1.jpg

These 3 winners of the contest will have their banner showcased on our forum and we will rotate these 3 banners starting today and ending on the start of the new year.

So please marvel at the incredible works of art these members produced to celebrate Christmas at VoA!

We would also like to show all the other Christmas banners we'd received during the contest which did not win the top 3 slots but still are amazing works of art just the same. Just look at how awesome they are!
LanasGirl VoA banner 2.jpg
LanasGirl VoA banner 3.jpg
LanasGirl VoA banner 4.jpg
LanasGirl VoA banner 5.jpg
Rba VoA banner 1.jpeg
TheRaven VoA banner 2.jpg
TheRaven VoA banner 3.jpg

The celebration continues with the staff deciding to process (we know, overdue) promotions for the holidays. So please give a warm hug to the newly promoted members:

Newly promoted Active Members:

Miami Autumn
Loli Lover

Newly promoted Senior Members:


For newly promoted Active members:

You will now see several new forums parts opening up to you. You now also have full access to the "Personal Messaging" system where you can send/receive PMs to all members on the forum. Additionally you now have access to VoA's Chat room. There you will get to chat with all the members in the chat room along with having the chance to play several of the custom games we made, movies clips and other surprises for you ;). So do come join us in the Chat room. During the holidays we will keep the chat room(s) open 24 hrs starting Christmas Eve lasting to Dec 27th. (You will be receiving a PM that further explain all features for this membership level)

For our new Senior members:

You now have access to 'The Club' (A Senior members only forum) as well as full access to the search feature this forum provide. You can also request the opening of the chat room any time you prefer.

In closing, we hope you all have the best possible Christmas, and a happy New-year.
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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by andexiia »

Congratulations to all the new promotions! :party2:
and thanks to all of you who participated in the banner contest, some awesome banners were made! :wub:
and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

:merryxmas: :xmastree: :santa: :xmastree: :candycane: :elfgrin: :santasmiley:
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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by Black Star »

Merry Christmas to everyone and congrats on the promotions!

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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by Wyvern »

Happy holidays and congratulations to all the newly promoted members!

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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by Human »

Congratulations to all newly promoted members, and merry Christmas VoA!!!!!!!!



I don't deserve any credit for doodah's banner, all I did was add some text to the bottom! :P
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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by Quiet_Passion »

Congratulations to all of the promotions! I hope we get to see new Active Members joining us in the chat room soon :) Please feel free to join if you see the Chat (On) button at the top of the forum! Either way, it's awesome to see more members becoming Active Members and Senior Members! :hinda:

And all of those banners seriously look amazing :wub: I think they all do a good job of capturing both the love for LGs and the magical-ness of this time of the year :panangel: :pnaka: :girlie1: Thanks for sharing your talent with us ^_^

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!! And thanks for everyone involved in supporting the forum and making it even more amazing! :merryxmas: :present: :ohing: :elfgrin: :santa:
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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by keegan »

You know you're getting old when you do'n't even recognize half of the new "senior members".

Oh well, Merry Christmas. And get off my lawn.

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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by MaraGreenFan »

Holy shit! My member name has turned blue! 4 months and 213 posts later, I'm finally an Active Member! Thanks for the early Christmas gift, VOA, and congrats to the other promoted members! I can't wait to get started on participating at a higher level!

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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by Miami Autumn »

Awesome! I'm glad to be an active member now! Congrats to everyone else too (:

Happy Holidays!
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Re: Merry Christmas VoA members!

Post by SmilesAreFree »

Congrats and Merry Christmas to everyone that got a step up. :D

I hope to see you in the chat sometime. :)

- Smiles -

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