Visions of Alice Forum Rules

Important announcements and updates about Visions of Alice. All members should read the topics here in order to stay up-to-date with board news.
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Visions of Alice Forum Rules

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Visions of Alice - Forum Rules

Full set of rules and explanations can be found here:
All rules applies to all members (including staff), so please make sure you've read them

The rules apply to all text, articles, photographs, drawings, cartoons, sculptures, paintings or other artwork which are posted or linked to on VoA, and include avatars/sigpics.

General Rules
  • The contents of all posts, personal messages and links are subject to staff review and must be legal under the laws of the United States and Canada and in plain text English.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate on the forum.
  • "Flames", threats, harassment or disrespectful comments about or towards other members will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post statements admitting to, or soliciting or encouraging other people to engage in illegal acts.
  • Do not reveal personal information about other members or accuse other members of illegal acts.
  • Do not post or ask for sexually explicit content, or disclose any information where it may be viewed or downloaded.
  • VoA does not allow ‘picture trading'.

Do NOT link to - We do allow linking, but please keep these guidelines in mind!
  • Male or female nudity of any age, real or fictional, including topless and see-through clothing.
  • Private 'password protected' sites.
  • Content that may harm the end recipient, like executable files.
  • Drag & drop image/file sharing sites.
  • .onion sites (Tor hidden services).
  • "Hot links" to images outside of Visions of Alice.

Admitting to illegal activities not only endangers you, but could also be grounds for the VoA server to be seized by law enforcement for investigative purposes.
Such admissions may be removed by the staff of VoA and may include, but are not limited to:
  • Admitting or alluding to possession of child porn.*
  • Admitting or alluding to personal sexual experiences involving minors* or having plans to engage in sexual acts with minors.
  • Admitting to downloading or purchasing of "obscenity," or revealing information where it may be viewed or downloaded (this includes manga and sexually explicit stories involving minors)*
(*Exceptions may be made if you were convicted or acquitted of the illegal activity you are describing in a court of law, and you provide a disclaimer about this in every post where you mention such activity.)

Advocating or Encouraging Illegal Acts
If a poster expresses an interest in committing an illegal act, please do not encourage that member to continue on this path. These types of encouragements violate Canadian law.

Personal Information
There are several vigilante groups which are actively creating profiles on posters on this and other Child-Love sites.
The list of information used by these vigilantes to ‘out’ members, include details such as:
  • Mentioning your real first or last name, or the names of family members.
  • Locations, such as cities or specific areas.
  • User names, which lead to other places when googled.
  • Email addresses which were posted or used to register accounts on other forums or other social networking sites.
  • Links to websites which contain or reveal identifying details about yourself or others..
  • Local events, or natural disasters.
  • Birth dates and dates of the birth and deaths of family members.
Posts containing details like the above may be edited or deleted by the staff, unless the person posting it specifically requests otherwise.
Posts judged to contain identifiable details about other members will be removed by the staff and will likely result in a permanent ban of the poster.